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What Is The Best Way To Style Short Hair?

May 24

Style your short hair is fun, but can be difficult. We're here to help you style your short hair!

This article will show you how to style your short hair. We also share our top styling tips. We have the right tips to help you achieve your desired look, whether you want a classic pinup look or something sleeker and modern. Keep reading to learn how to style your short hair like a pro.

How to style short hair?

There are many ways to style your short hair. It all depends on how you style it.

The "pinup" hairstyle is a popular choice for short hair. This retro-inspired style is great for people who want to add glamour and nostalgia to their look.

Looks You Can Get With Short Hair

You can experiment with many different styles and lengths of short hair. There are many options for you to choose from, whether you want a more classic or modern look.

The most popular look is

  • Straight and sleek: This look is great if you want to appear professional and polished. This look can be achieved by simply using a straightening tool.
  • Curled hair: Curls can be a great option to add volume and texture to your hair. This look can be achieved with either a hot roller or curling iron.
  • The messy look: This looks great for people who prefer a relaxed, effortless look. You can simply style your hair with your fingers into a ponytail or messy bun.
  • Braids: This is a great way add interest to your hair. You can choose from French braids or fishtail braids.

Getting The Pinup Look

For the pinup look, part your hair in the middle. Next, curl your hair with a curling iron/hot rollers. After your hair has been curled, spray or mousse it and pin each end into victory rolls.

A pixie cut is a modern way to style short hair. This style is great for people who desire a sophisticated and sleek look. Simply use a comb and sweep your hair back to style a pixie. To keep your hair in place, you can use gel or mousse.

A bob is a style that falls somewhere between these two styles. Bobs are a great way for adding volume and movement to your hair. For a bob style, blow dry your hair upside-down to add volume to the roots. Next, curl your ends with a round brush as you dry it. To smoothen any curls left behind, use a flatiron to dry your hair. Spray your hair with a light-hold spray hairspray.


How can I style my hair if my hair is too short?

There are still some things you can do if your hair is too short for traditional styling. To add texture and definition to your hair, you can use a pomade/wax. To create unique styles, you can use bobby pins. Don't forget accessories! Accessories can add personality to your look with hats, scarves and headbands.

Which products should I use?

Products that provide a strong hold but are not too heavy are the best for styling short hair. Hairsprays, mousses and gels for short hair should be considered. Avoid alcohol-based products as they can dry your hair out and make styling more difficult.

Can I still curl hair?

Yes! Curling short hair is easier than long hair, because it requires less effort. You can curl small sections of hair with a small barrel curling tool. Hold the barrel for a few seconds and then release. To create tight curls, you can also use Flexi-Rods or hot rollers. Be sure to protect your hair with heat protectors before styling.


You can style your short hair just as easily as long hair. All you need is the right technique. These tips from Pinup Studio will help you create looks that suit any occasion. Before you curl, make sure to apply heat protection.

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