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Carpet Cleaning for First Timers

May 18

Carpet Cleaning for First Timers


Are your carpets looking dirty or stained? Is there an odor that lingers no matter what Febreze you spray?

Carpets that are dirty can cause irritation and even pose a health risk.

Professional carpet cleaning services are recommended if your carpets haven't been cleaned in some time or you have never had them cleaned before.

This service is new to you? You aren't sure what professional carpet cleaners are or if this is right for you.

Continue reading to find out what professional carpet cleaning Redmond Oregon can offer you.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Are you sure that professional carpet cleaning is necessary? Why not just do it yourself?

You can actually clean them. There are slim chances that your carpets will be cleaned properly and thoroughly.

You get many benefits from professional carpet cleaning.

  • You can save time
  • Avoid damaging your carpets
  • Get a deeper clean

You don't need to worry about the extra risks or hurdles that can be associated with cleaning costly materials such as custom upholstery and oriental rugs.

Carpet cleaners are trained to clean these materials with care.

What can you expect from professional carpet cleaning

You can see why professional carpet cleaning may be a good idea. What exactly is involved in professional carpet cleaning? How is it different from what you might do at home?

Every carpet cleaner approaches the task differently. However, you can generally expect professional carpet cleaning to look like this.


A carpet cleaner will not just show up and clean up your carpets.

Before they begin, they will take a look at your rooms and provide an estimate of the cost.

During the analysis, they will take measurements and examine any stains.

Price Estimate

Other than the size and stains of the carpets, there are several other factors that could influence the cost of carpet cleaning.

There may be an additional charge for pet stains and odors. Additional charges may apply if the cleaners have to move large furniture or other heavy items in order to clean your carpets.

Dry Vacuuming

Carpet cleaners should vacuum your carpet thoroughly. Carpet cleaners use powerful vacuums that trap every ounce of dirt, dust, hair, and other pet hair from your carpet.

Stain Removing

Once the vacuuming is done, the cleaners get to work cleaning up the carpets and removing any stains.

Professional carpet cleaners are very good at spotting stains so they shouldn't be missed. However, if you have a specific stain in mind, make sure they know it during their assessment.

Furniture Mark Removal

After the stains have been removed and the carpets have been thoroughly cleaned, the cleaners can begin to remove wrinkles and marks from your furniture.

The Cleaning

Once the stains and furniture marks have been removed, it's now time for the carpet cleaners. They will scrub the fibers with special tools and heavy-duty cleaners. Then, they'll rinse them thoroughly using water.

Top Notch Results

You can expect to have a clean home and stain-free flooring once your carpets are completely cleaned. Your carpet will look as fresh and clean as the day it was laid.

Be aware that your carpets might still be damp even after the cleaning is done. It is important to wait until the carpets are dry before you can move your furniture in.

Do You Need to Be There?

Many people ask if they are required to be present while their carpets get cleaned.

It is necessary that you are present when the cleaners arrive. You will be given an estimate at this time.

After you have agreed to the price and received an estimate, you are free to go.

Prepare Your Home for Carpet Cleaner

Many homeowners are also curious if there is anything they can do to prepare their home for the carpet cleaner. While it's not mandatory, there are several steps you can do to prepare your home for cleaning.

Dust and Clean Baseboards

It's a good idea that you clean and dust your baseboards before the cleaner arrives. After the cleaners leave, you can ensure that dust and dirt do not fall on freshly cleaned carpets.

Take Away Small and Fragile Items

If you are concerned about items being broken or bumped while cleaners are present, place them away before they arrive.

You can pick up small items, like toys, clothes, shoes, and other small objects, from the ground. Also, Make sure to clean your floors so they can do their work.

Clear Parking Spot

Finally, ensure that there is a spot in your driveway for the carpet cleaners to park. You will need them to be able move their equipment around easily.

Are Your Ready for Carpet Cleaning in Redmond?

Do you want to know what professional carpet cleaning Redmond Oregon is like? How to prepare your home for the carpet-cleaner's arrival?

Professional carpet cleaning is more effective than DIY. Your carpets will stay cleaner for longer periods of time.

You won't ever want to do it again after you have had your carpets professionally cleaned.

Call your Carpet Cleaner Redmond Oregon  pro today to find out more about our services and to book an appointment for a clean.