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Why do need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service?

Jan 11

Why do need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service?

Two things make professional carpet cleaners better than homeowners who try to clean their own carpets. They know how to clean carpets, and what type of wool or synthetic fibres they should use. Henderson Carpet Cleaners professionals are experts in stain removal. They will be able to tell you which products can safely be used without causing damage or bleaching. The goal of professional cleaning carpets is to remove dirt, bacteria, as well as any other signs of soil, from the carpet while minimizing damage. Here's what they do.


Before beginning any cleaning, it is important to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. The best method to remove soil is to vacuum with HEPA (high filtration) because it cannot be done without professional equipment. Carpet soils can't be treated with ordinary soil. It's difficult to remove soils from carpets using agitation and dry vacuuming. After they have become moist, soils will be much more difficult to remove. Dry vacuuming is the most important step in the process.


Pre-conditioning is the chemical process that involves agitation. This is where most of this step happens. Soil suspension has the main goal of safely separating soils and fibers. To do this, chemical actions are used. It could damage carpets if it is not done correctly. You should also consider the dwell time. Cleaning results will be better if the chemical products are left in contact for a longer period of time.
As previously mentioned, agitation assists in this step because it increases soil suspension and uniformly distributes cleaning products. Because heat is more effective than cold water in cleaning, the temperature (of the water) plays an important role.


This step is also known as "rinse". After the soil has been removed, it is now time to extract suspended soils. Hot Water Extraction is the best option for this step, also known as Steam Cleaning.
Henderson Carpet Cleaners uses hot-water extraction for both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning. This method is the most effective and restorative of all. The HWE method works best on carpets with heavy soil. It can remove more than 95% of dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants.


Grooming will improve the carpet's performance and last longer. Grooming has little to do with soil. However, it will help in the Drying step. Grooming helps speed up drying time, as it removes matt and uneven wear that can lead to increased evaporation.

But drying is crucial in cleaning. The carpet fibers could be damaged if it is not dried thoroughly. If carpets are not completely dried, materials (like wooden floors) can become a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Carpets should dry in no more than 6 hours.
It is vital to hire a carpet cleaner who is skilled in all aspects of carpet cleaning.


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