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Cleaning Services: Janitorial Service in Green Bay, WI

Dec 8

If you are looking for janitorial services in Green Bay, WI, then look no further. We offer janitorial service to businesses and residential homes. Our janitors in Green Bay specialise in cleaning all types of surfaces, including floors, walls, windows, furniture, and more!

Why choose a janitorial service for your home or business?

A Janitorial service Green Bay can save you time and money by keeping the building in good condition, protecting property value, and saving on energy costs associated with heat/AC system operation during cold weather months.

A janitorial company Green Bay offers quality control to ensure that every square foot is cleaned correctly, so there's no chance of damage to finishes such as wood flooring or delicate furniture fabrics.

A janitorial service provider will take care of dirty work like vacuuming carpeted areas, cleaning hard surface floors (tile laminate), dusting baseboards and light fixtures, cleaning windows from the inside and outside.

What does a janitorial service do?

Janitors clean and sanitize the areas of your business every night. Even though janitorial companies do this routine cleaning daily, if you’re looking for additional services like pressure washing, we can provide those as well! The janitorial service will come in before or after your employees leave for the day to make sure that everything is sparkling.

Janitors clean and sanitize the areas of your business every night. The janitorial company provides their clients with deep cleaning services such as floor stripping, waxing, and polishing floors; removing grease from hoods; power washing sidewalks; window washing using commercial grade equipment; vacuuming carpets and upholstery, and much more! We also offer our janitorial services in which janitors clean and sanitize the areas of your business every night.

How much does a janitorial service cost?

Janitorial service in Green Bay, WI, offers a wide range of prices depending on the services you need which can be commercial cleaning Green Bay, school cleaning Green Bay, and construction cleaning Green Bay. Generally, janitorial companies charge by the hour or square foot. Hence, it is essential to know how much space your business has to clean and what other janitorial tasks are included. For example, some janitors charge more for carpet cleaning than others do because it takes longer. At the same time, one company may include floor stripping as part of their janitorial package, whereas another does not. The best way to find out exactly how much your specific project will cost is to contact local professionals like those. They can give you tailored pricing based on your needs to help ensure you get competitive rates without any hidden charges down the road.

Do I need to be there while the job is being done?

If you want to be there, that is fine. As long as the janitorial service in Green Bay, WI, can get where they need to go without being held up by a supervisor all day...we are happy! This also helps us know your space better, keep it clean at night when no one is here, and avoid extra costs for additional services like dusting the top of door frames every time! If it makes you feel more comfortable or if something needs your attention, then yes - please do stay around.

Of course, each situation varies, but this would be our suggestion. We will always ask ahead of time either way, though, just to make sure everyone's expectations are met on both sides!!


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